Transforming The Learning Environment In Cameroon

As part of the McGovern Dole Food For Education Grant implementation our infrastructure teams have been constructing and rehabilitating classrooms, toilets, handwashing stations and digging and constructing water wells, to provide better sanitation options and clean drinking water to students who rank among the poorest internationally.

In December 2016 Nascent field workers inaugurated the revamping of IPS Tatum in Kumbo.

The teams installed handwashing stations, dug and developed a well(which is in its final stages of preparation), built a bathroom, kitchen, storehouse and installed a water tank, which will feed the school garden, the toilets and the handwashing station.

Access to clean water in rural outpost schools is a challenge. Large numbers of pupils regularly contract dysentery and other diseases of poor sanitation.

Nascent field workers are working through political upheaval to ensure that when the pupils return to school, they will return to better teachers, and a clean, conducive and sanitary environment.