Our Motto

Partnering with the poor.

Gender Issues

Our Mission

To promote self-reliance by harnessing the creative and entrepreneurial drive of Africans to solve problems, build resilient local economies, and improve the quality of life for their families and communities.


Our Vision

Sustainable self-reliant communities with responsive and responsible leadership.

Who We Are

Nascent Solutions Inc. (Nascent) is an international humanitarian and development 501 (c)(3) non-profit based in Alexandria VA, USA.  We are a community-based implementer, delivering programs using a capacity building and behavior change communication model.

Nascent’s work is informed by in-depth, context-relevant research. We harness indigenous knowledge and resources and utilize community driven implementers to build sustainable rural solutions. Our decision-making process relies heavily on community buy-in, stakeholder engagement, and a continuous feedback loop that informs our processes, no matter the sector, country, or population receiving our services.

Nascent Solutions recognizes that change happens when buy-in from target beneficiaries leads to long-term sustainable change.  It is from this premise, that Nascent seeks hidden talent among women and youth in rural areas and translate their latency into sustainable change efforts. Nascent carries out its activities and programs with these values and beliefs foremost in mind:

  • Respect for diversity of ideas
  • Inclusion in ownership building and sustainability
  • Innovation and idea-driven solutions
  • Transparency, trust, and accountability
  • Seeking invisible talent to bridge inequality
  • Recognizing indigenous knowledge, skill, and talent
  • Mapping out potential and opportunities, and incorporating them into the development strategy
  • Strengthening the capacity of target beneficiaries in what they cherish and do best
  • Building ownership for sustainable initiatives
  1. Fostering the growth of a dynamic, passionate, and responsive and results oriented workforce
  2. Developing innovative products and services to improve individual and community performance
  3. Building collaborative partnerships to enable optimal development outcomes
  4. Developing a cadre of local change agents capable of improving the performance, quality, and impact on target communities
  5. Creating opportunities to establish system alignment to national and international development goals
  6. Ensure financial  and operational viability of the organization and its partners